B&W Licenses Y a rd In U r u g u a y To Build Stern Trawlers

B&W Shipyard and B&W Shipbuilding Services have signed a contract with the shipyard of Tsakos Industrias Navales in Montevideo, Uruguay for construction of B&W trawlers under license.

A few years ago, B&W Shipyard entered the Uruguay market with a new type of stern trawler of about 300 dwt and a cargo hold capacity of about 5,000 boxes of fish. These trawlers have all been supplied with two-stroke B&W Alpha Diesel engines, type 40726VO of 700 bhp and have aroused great interest. B&W Shipyard has obtained contracts for construction of a total of 11 such trawlers. Three of these trawlers have now been delivered and are already active in the fishing industry.

With reference to the new contract, B&W Shipbuilding Services is assisting Tsakos Industrias Navales in the marketing of the B&W trawler. As contracts for construction of ships are received, this cooperation will be developed further through delivery of drawings and various technical equipment, particularly B&W Alpha engines and B&W know-how including the services of Danish technicians-engineers traveling to Uruguay. The B&W trawlers have been well received in Uruguay, and the construction of these trawlers at Tsakos Industrias Navales is expected to start within this year. Plans for large-scale development of the fishing industry of Uruguay have created a natural sales area for B&W trawlers, and interest is now spreading to other Latin American countries.

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